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Hello INKFi Fam

Welcome to the Ink Finance Discord community! Engage in the community to earn INKR scores by commenting or giving your feedback on relevant Ink Finance topics.

We have launched a “discuss to earn” program to hear more from our members. This is specifically an initiative to appreciate highly active long-term members, honor all your hard work, and highlight & honor your role in our community!

Reward Details

Level 1 

🔹 Up to Level 2 reward 10 INKR

🔹 Up to Level 3 reward 15 INKR

🔹 Up to Level 4 reward 20 INKR

🔹 Up to Level 5 reward 30 INKR

🔹 Up to Level 6 reward 45 INKR

🔹 Up to Level 7 reward 70 INKR


1.How to check your level in discord?

Please type “/rank” and choose “MEE6” in" #check-your-level”

2.How to upgrade your level?

Try to talk as much as you can about InkFinance in the"💬|general-chat "Your level will upgrade base on your activity in Ink Finance discord.

3.How to get INKR?

Please provide the ERC20 wallet address of your MetaMask after you check your level in the " # 🧐|check-your-level" channel in the middle or at the end of the month.

📌 Fill in the form: https://forms.gle/pKd3z97NSHvHJ2367

4.When INKR will be distributed?

INKR will be distributed to your MetaMask Avalanche test wallet address 5 days after you submit the info.

You can redeem INKR to QUILL with a rate future. And QUILL will be distributed to your MetaMask ERC20 address.


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