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Inker DAO is the first sub DAO of the Ink Finance community. We’re excited to announce that the DAO will move its governance to the open beta of INK WebApp, and the INKR Scores will be allocated to the wallets of the contribution winners from now on.

INKER DAO is dedicated to promoting the visions and missions of Ink Finance. Through continuous contribution to the marketing and branding efforts, members can earn INKR scores. Since the DAO’s launch we‘ve held a number of events to promote Ink Finance, and we are proud to have made great progress together with you.

INKER DAO going on-chain is a big step forward to benchmarking how a web3 DAO can collaborate and grow. Going forward, INKR Scores earned by contribution winners will be allocated to their wallets, and a full record of prizes awarded from all events will be kept on-chain.

About INKER DAO and INKR Score

INKER DAO’s governance token is Ink Finance’s native token QUILL, and it uses “INKR” as a badge at the governance level (meaning only INKR holders can vote). Economically, INKR is used to record the contribution made by community members participating in the various events. INKR has an unlimited amount of issuance. INKR scores represent contribution credits, and are not transferable.

Benefits of INKR Holders

🔹All INKRs allocated will be eventually converted into QUILL tokens

🔹VIP access to more reward campaigns

🔹Whitelisted on public sale of QUILL

🔹Convertible to the hot SBTs in the near future

INKR Allocation

INKR will be allocated to the winners’ wallets within a certain period after each campaign. Since Ink Finance has not launched on mainnet, INKER DAO will only release INKR on the Avalanche testnet. You are assured of redeeming the INKRs earned from the testnet for QUILL tokens on the mainnet, in the same ERC-20 wallets.

Congratulations to the winners who had participated in the previous campaigns and won prizes. Please fill in this form to provide your Metamask address details. So far we only support MetaMask wallet.

How to get wallet on Metamask to work with Avalanche testnet

🔹Open InkFinance ,Click “Open Beta”

🔹Choose “ Avalanch TestNet ”

🔹Click “Connect wallet”

🔹Click “Metamask”

🔹Choose one address and confirm

🔹Get your test address

How to import your registered ERC-20 wallets to Metamask

🔹Open your Metamask, Click your “Headshot” and Click “Import Account”

🔹Type your address detail as required.

🔹Check the address in your Metamask. This address is the erc20 address and the test address

Fill out this form to receive your INKR:

Congratulations to you all!


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