What is INKER DAO?

    INKER DAO is a self organized community set up to promote the visions and missions of Ink Finance. Through continuous contribution to marketing and branding efforts, the community members can earn INKR Scores that are tallied on the INKER Whitelist Scoring Plan.



    What is a DAO?


    DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is a type of Web3 organization whose function is to coordinate community activities via proposing and voting by following certain governance guidelines that are coded into smart contracts. Usually each DAO is focused on particular purposes or missions, which can be as broad or as specific as the DAO decides it to be.


    The aforementioned governance process typically includes standard functions such as proposing / voting / veto / signing off on transfer/distribution of rewards, etc. In short, a DAO engages its members in the governance process to achieve common goals in a democratic and transparent fashion.


    Why Use a DAO to Promote Ink Finance?


    Ink Finance is a gold standard of financial governance protocol for DAOs, which provides a no-code user experience for constructing and operating a comprehensive and rigorous governance framework. There can’t be a more self-evident and natural way for INK’s own marketing effort to be carried out by a DAO.


    Since INKER DAO members are expected to be QUILL token holders, they are literally the first batch of Ink Finance Meta DAO members! Let INKER DAO be the genesis of the INK era, in which more and more DAOs will ramp onto this highway of decentralized governance.


    What are INKR Scores?


    INKER DAO’s Whitelist Scoring Plan is built upon one simple idea - a contribution Scoreboard is the fairest, most compliant, and most transparent reward solution, with which the community can track, recognize, honor, and reward those contributors.


    INKER DAO members who have completed all the tasks set for each round will receive INKR Scores (such as those earned in the initial round starting from March 30th). INKR Scores are compiled and displayed on the INKR Whitelist Scoring Plan’s scoreboard. This plan rewards members with quotas of preferential white lists from reputable distribution platforms that will launch the public sale of INK’s native token QUILL.


    In the initial round, the 200,000 INKR scores can be earned by 1500 lucky members. Once rewarded you can see your score on the scoreboard, and it's just the beginning! Keep scoring as the Plan moves along, so you can get to that white list entry!


    INKR Scores themselves are NOT distributable tokens. They are calculated merit points kept on a public ledger to keep track of members’ contributions.

    You may ask, 'How exactly can we use our INKR Scores?' Stick around and find out!


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