• A community dedicated to promoting the visions and missions of Ink Finance.

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    INKER DAO will kick off its launch with an exclusive INKR Score Launch for early followers of social media accounts of Ink Finance.

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    Hello INKFi Fam

    Welcome to the Ink Finance Discord community! Engage in the community to earn INKR scores by commenting or giving your feedback on relevant Ink Finance topics.
    We have launched a“discuss to earn” program to hear more from our members.

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    Hello INKFi Fam:

    We have launched the INK referral program that rewards you for your contributions in building & strengthening our Ink Finance Community on Discord.

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    Hello INKFi Fam:

    In appreciation for all your support in accompanying Ink Finance throughout this amazing journey, we want to assign you special roles that will both honor your efforts and give you a more significant...


    What is INKER DAO?


    INKER DAO is a self organized community set up to promote the visions and missions of Ink Finance. Through continuous contribution to the marketing and branding efforts, community members can earn INKR Scores that are tallied on the INKER Whitelist Scoring Plan.


    Why Use a DAO to Promote Ink Finance?


    Ink Finance is a gold standard of financial governance protocol for DAOs, which provides a no-code user experience for constructing and operating a comprehensive and rigorous governance framework. There can’t be a more self-evident and natural way for INK’s own marketing effort to be carried out by a DAO.

    Since INKER DAO members are expected to be QUILL token holders, they are literally the first batch of Ink Finance Meta DAO members! Let INKER DAO be the genesis of the INK era, in which more and more DAOs will ramp onto this highway of decentralized governance.


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